Luxury King Work Enviroment Office Hub

With the signature scorpion shape and outline, a highly stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system, LED lighting and much more, this is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories.

ONLY £10,000
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24K Gold Bumper Case Cover for iPhone 5

Luxurious Bling Protection with this 24K Gold Bumper Case Cover for iPhone 5. Each case is Gold plated on one block of aluminium carved by precision milling machines then handmade to create exquisite bumpers which will enhance your passion for your iPhone 5.

ONLY £300
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iPad Mini Travel Organiser

This iPad Mini Travel Organiser made with genuine leather is great when travelling. Hold all your travel documents, passport and portable iPad Mini tablet in this sleek leather organiser.

ONLY £19.99
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iPad Mini Keyboard

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iPad Mini Keyboard

iPad Mini Keyboard

A perfect companion for your iPad mini, this Bluetooth iPad Mini Keyboard Case has an ultra-thin, eye-catching design that gives your device protection, added functionality and style. The built-in Bluetooth standard QWERTY keyboard sports a clean design and offers fast and responsive typing, ideal for writing e-mails, writing documents or chatting online with friends. Also comes with multiple convenient hot keys, including one touch internet access, full screen viewing, search, volume, brightness adjustment, forward/backward, etc.


Approx 8.5mm super-slim Bluetooth keyboard for New iPad mini
More harmonized with the new iPad
30-pin Apple connector, no extra charger needed
Built-in larger capacity rechargeable battery lasts of 350 hours Approx
Patent support design, one-touch open
More reliable with display stand
Auto wake up and sleep mode function
Social function keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search…etc.

iPad Mini 2 Sports Almanac Case

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iPad Mini Back To The Future iPad case is the ideal case to have if you’re a Back to the future film fan. The cult movie series has entertained multiple generations.

The case replicates a movie prop which was the Sports Almanac Marty bought in the future so he could become rich, but which Biff ended up using to change the space time continuum.

The case protects the iPad Mini or iPad mini 2, as it’s a folio design. It doubles as a stand which allows you to view content without having to hold your iPad.

The magnetic close ensures the screen cover is always snug against the screen, and the fibre inner ensures the screen is clean at all times from finger smudges.

The case also has the camera cut out so you wouldn’t need to remove the iPad Mini to take photographs or video.

The case is very retro and adds character to the iPad mini, some could say its Geeky ! but who are they to talk, we all enjoyed the back to the future movies and wished we had a Delorean whether they admit it or not.